About Jim

My name is James (Jim) Grimm. I am a retired Army officer and a retiree from a Children’s Hospital.

As you can imagine, my military experiences have included observing the best and the worst of humanity. Working in a Children’s Hospital, I have seen the hope and courage of children overcoming chronic or potentially fatal diseases and conditions.

I have personally felt fear, anxiety, trauma, and terror. I have questioned my abilities during several stages of my life. In my life, I have faced medical, physical, emotional, and spiritual issues for which common treatments were insufficient.

Through my journey in life, I discovered hypnosis. I have used hypnosis to help myself as well as others during rough times. Hypnosis has made a profound change in my life and has helped me overcome mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual distress.

My purpose in life is to use hypnosis and other adjunct and complementary  modalities to help my clients to be the best they can be and bring enlightenment and love into the world.

Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and see if
hypnosis can help you as it has helped me.

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